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Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples with Kids + Romantic Nighttime Activities for Two

With Valentine's Day just around the corner it’s time to start preparing for the day of love.

Valentine's Day can be a fun day to spend with your spouse and kids showering them with extra love. There are great ways to have a V-Day date both with your children or after they go to bed. Getting creative and making the most of what you already have can result in it being affordable, manageable and a night you’ll never forget!

Here are 5 ideas for date night activities with kids included:
  1. Order your family's favourite takeout and have a living room picnic

  2. Pull out your family's favourite game and have a games night

  3. Have an at-home spa dayGo full out on this one. Bring out the robes, get face masks, you can do mani/pedi’s, exfoliant, etc.

  4. Have a family cooking partyEveryone gets a job and helps out (if they’re old enough). Turn on some music and make a great meal together

  5. Create an at-home drive-in movie experience: Set up a big screen and play an old movie. If you can, do it outside (depending on where you live). Lay out blankets on the grass and have a projector going. If it’s too cold or you can’t do it outside, move your excess furniture out of the way, have everyone hand in their tickets, give them their popcorn and have a family movie night.

Here are 5 ideas for date night activities after the kids go to sleep:
  1. Pretend the electricity is out and have a candle-lit time together: Spend time talking about your hopes and dreams, learn each other's love languages, dream up a fake (or real) vacation together, etc.

  2. Have a wine or food tasting party: Create a theme and set up the wines and food. You can even go as far as writing some tasting notes about your favourite items.

  3. Have an at-home wine (or other beverage) and paint night

  4. If you’re a “nerdy” couple you can have a book party or a video game marathon: You can spend the night reading together or gaming together. You can select a game that’s a two-player game or a game/read side by side.

  5. Have a lovey-dovey night: Take a romantic bubble bath, have a cuddle on the couch and write each other love notes. Plan to go full gush even if it makes you giggle.

Taking time once in a while to spend together (or with your kids as a family) can keep your relationship strong and long-lasting. If you don’t want to wait for just “one day a year” you can host a regular date night but try to make sure it’s manageable and stress-free.

Setting aside a certain day, once in a while, to shower each other with extra love (and shower yourself with extra love) is a great way to keep that spark alight!

Happy Valentines Day!


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