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Whether you’ve recently started trying to conceive or you’ve welcomed your bundle of joy into the world, our specialized registered dietitian is here to provide you with personalized care and support to help you and your baby achieve the best health possible.


No matter what stage of the game you and your baby are in, contact our team today to start learning about the changes that will support your best health during this important time in your life.

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Nutrition for New & Expectant Mama

Supporting fertility​

Managing different conditions that may impact fertility including PCOS, endometriosis, IBS, or hypothyroidism

​Supporting fetal growth and development

Managing pregnancy related symptoms

Managing pregnancy related health conditions such as gestational diabetes

Maintaining or improving your energy

Supporting postpartum recovery

Supporting breastfeeding


Helping you to feel your best overall

And a lot more...

Infant & Child Nutrition

Assessing nutritional needs

Education on age-appropriate nutrition and feeding practices

Recommendations for best feeding practices (breastfeeding, formula, introduction to solids)

Introducing allergens 

Baby-Led Weaning

Managing feeding difficulties

Managing picky eating behaviours

And a lot more...

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