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Prenatal Nutrition Courses

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or you’ve already been through it before, pregnancy comes with a lot of nutrition questions! Knowing what foods to eat will help support a healthy pregnancy, all while dealing with potential “morning” sickness and struggling to eat anything at all.

With so many information sources at our fingertips these days, it’s easy to get caught up in googling or searching social media for guidance on prenatal nutrition concerns. But this can lead to information overload and a lot of confusion in trying to figure out what’s factual. There are so many nutrition tips out there!

This is why I’m so excited to introduce our PUSH prenatal nutrition courses that we will be offering to expectant mamas. They were designed to provide the credible nutrition information you need to support your pregnancy, while also creating a supportive environment for mamas to come together and share their experiences.

What will PUSH Mama Care nutrition courses include?

We are so excited to be launching 3 prenatal nutrition courses, each focusing on a different area that many women have questions about. They are designed to meet all of your pregnancy needs, but you’re absolutely welcome to take any 1 or 2 courses you feel would be helpful, or bundle them all together to get the whole package!

Our first course in the series will focus on establishing a healthy, well-balanced diet in pregnancy. Since your nutrient needs are different while expecting, we will support you in making adjustments to ensure they are being met.

Our second course will discuss food safety, which is an area so many women have questions in. As we recognize that there’s so much contradictory information out there, we’re going to dive right in and teach you everything you need to feel confident in making choices that are best for your and your baby’s health.

Our final course will teach you nutrition strategies for managing pregnancy symptoms. When expecting a baby, our bodies go through so many changes. Most women certainly don’t always feel their best in pregnancy, so we cover strategies in this course that are designed to help you feel as great as you possibly can.

Want to learn more about our upcoming prenatal nutrition courses?

To stay up-to-date on the launch of our new prenatal nutrition courses, make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter! If you have any specific questions, you can always send us a message to chat.


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