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My First Baby

At Push Mama Care, we were curious to ask women to share the differences between their first and second (or third, fourth) pregnancy. We reached out to three wonderful ladies that were awesome enough to share their experiences with us and all the future mothers that follow us.

So here goes.

Introducing Jessica. She works in a prominent interior design firm, handling projects with all different types of clients. Her day to day is comprised of meeting high-profile professionals and conceptualizing innovative buildings that will change Toronto’s urban landscape. She admits that she loves her job and the thought of having a baby simply terrified her. She was ready to become a mama, but the entire process seemed to be overwhelming and just plain scary. And with a high-profile job on top of it, it was a lot to take in. When maternity finally struck (the process was also long and complicated, she confided), she had questions about everything: what to eat, which sports she could and could not do, how to prepare, which information was true, and which was not. Every day, a new question popped up and it seemed that looking for information on the internet just made it worse. The second time around, however, Jessica told us it was a breeze. “I kind of figured, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I’ve got this!”. Even the birthing process was extremely easy; with all the hassle she went through to conceive the first baby, let’s just say that nature surprisingly took care of number two. “I think I took it as a sign to relax, not to worry so much and let pregnancy make me happy” she says. “I honestly can say that I enjoyed it even more!

Next, let’s meet Chris. She had her babies a little later in life as she spent a lot of her twenties traveling and her early thirties starting her own business. Although her kids are getting a little older, she still loves talking about her pregnancies. When we contacted her to discuss the subject of month, having your first baby, she jumped at the chance to talk to us. We asked her if she found any major differences between the first baby and the second baby. “Absolutely!” she confided. “I couldn’t believe how everyone was so excited about the first baby whereas the second went mostly unnoticed.” A lot of women around us say the same thing; people are so sure that number two will pop right after number one that all the excitement is lost. “I remember the cries of joy when announcing the first baby to my mom, whereas she barely looked up from her dishes when I told her I was pregnant with my second child. It’s just normal, I guess!”

Last but not least, Push Mama Care sat down for a good chat with Amelia to find out what were the differences between her first baby and her second baby. Without even stopping to think about it, she answered: “Two things.” The first, is the enjoyment of the pregnancy. “Although I wasn’t nervous or stressed at either pregnancy, I must say I enjoyed the second one much more. The reason for that is simple: I knew the joy that I was about to experience with my new baby in my arms. When my baby moved, I was excited tenfold as I knew what it really was. On the other hand (almost sounds like I’m contradicting my first point, I had this fear of not loving it as much. Other women around me told me that this totally normal, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. I kept thinking to myself: my baby is the most precious thing in my life and by far. Nothing even comes close this emotion, how could I have enough of it for two babies?”. Well, turns out the women Amelia had consulted were right. She told Push Mama Care that she loves the second baby just as much as the first baby!

If you have any pregnancy stories or baby stories to share, please contact us! We love to hear then, write about them and publish them for other women.

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