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Deciding that you are ready to conceive brings with it many questions and uncertainties. The amount of information available, can feel overwhelming.


Here at PUSH, we are intimately aware of the difficulties many individuals face when trying to conceive.


Wherever you find yourself on your preconception journey, we are here to support you, filter out the noise and provide you with the evidenced-based information you are looking for to address your questions and concerns, because your reproductive wellness is a priority. 

How we can  help

Nutrition Consultations

Healthy eating is an important step that you can take to support your body’s preparation for pregnancy.

Whether you have recently started trying to conceive or if you’re managing infertility, optimizing your diet to ensure that you’re getting the right nutrients can have a significant impact on your fertility and conception.

A well-balanced diet can help support fertility in many ways, including: helping to regulate your menstrual cycle and balance hormone levels; supporting egg quality; promoting gut health; and reducing insulin resistance. It can also help you manage different conditions that may impact fertility, including PCOS, endometriosis, IBS, or hypothyroidism.


If you’re trying to conceive and looking for guidance, our registered dietitian can work with you to help you navigate the current evidence-based recommendations and decide which changes are best in this important time of your life.

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One-on-One Preconception
Nice Nurse

One-on-One Preconception Prep

Congratulations on deciding you are ready to begin trying to conceive, mama.  This is such an exciting time! You are about to embark on a life-changing journey; so it is reasonable to question whether you have covered all your bases and have done everything you can to prepare your body, mind, relationship and life for pregnancy and parenthood.

Some of the topics that we will cover during these sessions include:


  • Maintaining healthy habits incl. alcohol, caffeine and smoking

  • Stress management

  • Prenatal vitamins 

  • Physical activity & exercise 

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle 

  • Cycle monitoring and when to time intercourse 

  • Fertility evaluation and when to seek a consultation




Not sure what to expect?

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute Meet & Greet with our nurse or dietitian for a small taste of what we offer at PUSH before making the commitment.

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