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two pregnant friends sitting side by side

The PUSH Prenatal Program

The Ultimate Guide for Expectant and New Parents

$325 CAD

Designed by experts to make you feel empowered and prepared, with no topic uncovered. This prenatal course covers EVERYTHING from pregnancy and childbirth, to postpartum and infant care.

Over 60 pre-recorded information-packed videos you can watch (and re-watch) on your own time


Downloadable handbook with extra tools and handouts

Online platform for convenient learning at your own pace

Expert guidance from qualified healthcare professionals with years of experience in maternal and child health

Covers your first, second and third trimesters, labour & delivery, the first 6 weeks with your baby, as well as newborn & infant care


Broaches sensitive topics that are often overlooked or not discussed enough, such as postpartum depression, and sexual health during and after pregnancy

Prepares you for unexpected situations, such as premature birth or complications during labour and delivery

  • Physical changes during pregnancy

  • Perinatal nutrition

  • Fetal development

  • Preparing for the hospital

  • Birth plans

  • Pain management techniques

  • Communicating with healthcare providers

  • Preparing for alternative outcomes

  • Post-partum recovery and self-care, including physical and emotional support

  • Breastfeeding, pumping and bottle-feeding

  • Care and safety of your baby including car safety, diapering, bathing, sleep and soothing techniques

  • Infant illness and CPR

Topics include:

And a lot more...


Prepare for the PUSH

Personalized Childbirth Education

$375 CAD

4-hours online private course with our experienced prenatal nurse

Convenient videoconference format allowing you to take the course from the comfort of your own home

Personalized information tailored to your specific needs

Interactive learning experience with the ability to ask questions as you go through the material

Extended support through email for 3 months after the course, allowing you to seek additional clarification or ask more questions

Topics include:

  • The stages of labour and delivery

  • Pain management techniques 

  • Medical interventions, such as epidurals and c-sections

  • Personalized strategies for making informed decisions during labour and delivery

  • Preparing for a hospital stay or home birth

  • Newborn safety  and care including sleep, feeding, diapering, and bathing

  • Strategies for promoting bonding with your newborn

  • Postpartum recovery including physical and emotional care

  • Practical tips and advice for navigating the early days and weeks with a newborn

And a lot more...

Healthy Pregnancy
Crash Course
Baby Fundamentals
sleepy baby in bed with teddy bear

The Baby Fundamentals Course

All the infant care basics you need

$295 CAD

Pre-recorded video lessons on everything pertaining to infant care

Accessible online platform for convenient learning at your own pace

Expert guidance from qualified healthcare professionals with years of experience in maternal and child health

Preparing to take care of a newborn can feel overwhelming – babies rely almost entirely on their parents for well, everything, and they certainly don’t come with an instruction manual!

This course aims to deliver strategies to manage, educate and empower you as a new parent so that you feel prepared and are able to set out on the right foot as soon as that little one is placed in your arms. This all-encompassing Baby-101 course reviews the core fundamentals in caring for your newborn, as well as everything you need to know as a new parent.

  • Infant care basics (sleep, diapers, bathing, suctioning)

  • Developmental milestones

  • Comforting your baby

  • Newborn characteristics

  • Infant & toddler illness management

  • Healthcare provider visits

  • Car seat, crib and sleep safety

  • Crying, sleeping and eating cues

Topics include:

And a lot more...

Intro to Solids

Introducing Solids
To Your Baby 

A Complete Guide

$25 CAD

Is it time to start introducing solid foods to your baby?

Starting your baby on solid foods can be an exciting time. However, it can also come with a lot of questions and uncertainties. This comprehensive downloadable resource created by our registered dietitian will help guide your baby's feeding journey from six months to one year old, and ensures that you feel prepared as a parent. 

So let's get started!

Food introduction
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