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Postpartum &
Infant Care

Child care and mom care

The postpartum period is a very important time to set out on the right foot as you adjust to parenthood and navigate the successes and challenges of caring and providing for a newborn! Breastfeeding, infant sleep and maternal mental health are the top three challenges during the postpartum period and therefore success during this time centres around taking care of yourself, as well as your little one. 


In this section, we tackle the realities of postpartum life and life with a newborn (including things people may have never told you), and discuss strategies to manage, educate and empower yourself as a new parent. 

Our Baby Fundamentals Course 

Preparing to take care of a newborn can feel overwhelming – babies rely almost entirely on their parents for well, everything, and they certainly don’t come with an instruction manual! This course aims to deliver strategies to manage, educate and empower you as a new parent so that you feel prepared and are able to set out on the right foot as soon as that little one is placed in your arms. This all-encompassing Baby-101 course reviews the core fundamentals in caring for your newborn, as well as everything you need to know as a new parent.



  • Infant care basics (diapers, bathing, suctioning)

  • Developmental milestones

  • Comforting your baby

  • Newborn characteristics

  • Infant & toddler illness management

  • Healthcare provider visits

  • Car seat, crib and sleep safety

  • Crying, sleeping and eating cues

 And a lot more ...
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How we can  help

Baby Fundamentals
Perinatal Dietitian

Nutrition Consultations


Proper nutrition in postpartum is crucial to support your postpartum journey and plays an important role in supporting your recovery. If you choose to breastfeed, you also have increased nutrition requirements. Our registered dietitian can help to make sure you feel confident and supported in reaching your postpartum nutrition goals.

Infant & Child

In the first years of life, your child is going through very rapid growth and development– all of which is fueled by the nutrients in their diet. Feeding your baby or child can be an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, experience as a parent. It’s important to know what to offer your child to ensure that they’re having a well-balanced diet and meeting their nutritional needs to support healthy growth.


From learning about starting solid foods with your baby, introducing allergens, or managing picky eating behaviours– our registered dietitian can support your family to be sure that your child is meeting their nutrition needs and developing a life-long healthy relationship with food.

Nutrition Consultations

Private Lactation Support

Whether you are still pregnant and starting to think about breastfeeding or have begun your breastfeeding journey, this private, virtual, one-on-one session with our Registered Nurse and Certified Lactation Counselor is designed to address your unique questions or concerns surrounding breastfeeding. 


Feel connected with one month of email follow-up with our Certified Lactation Counselor and book additional lactation support follow-up sessions as needed. 


Topics that we can help support you with include: 

  • Normal breastfeeding management 

  • Identifying and responding to feeding cues 

  • Comfortable positioning and latch

  • Breast / Nipple pain or discomfort

  • Concerns about milk supply

  • Infant reflux / colic symptoms

  • Infant feeding concerns

  • Return to work 

 And a lot more

Nursing Newborn
Private Lactation Support
CPR and Choking.png

Pediatric CPR & Choking

While performing CPR on an infant or a child, or assisting someone who is choking is something we hope you never have to do during your lifetime, learning these essential skills and actions can truly save a life and may just be the most important skills you learn as a parent, grandparent, family member or caregiver.


These one-on-one sessions will cover:


  • How to help a choking infant or child

  • Infant CPR technique and hands on practice for children up to 1 years old

  • Pediatric CPR techniques and hands on practice for children over 1 years old

  • 1 and 2 rescuer techniques

  • Tips for preventing choking

CPR & Choking
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